If you aren’t my boyfriend don’t ever think you have any right to ask me about where I am and why I’m not responding to you…

if robbers ever broke into my house and searched for money id just laugh and search with them

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I want a new facial cleanser/moisturizer…


it’s cold here now and I retain no heat so I think about taking warm baths a lot  u_u

i naturally look mean but it keeps the weak people away

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do you ever get sad attacks and it drains you and you’re just left sitting there like wow this is so uncalled for rude

Nicki Minaj at Alexander Wang’s fashion show for New York Fashion Week


when you’re in bed with bae and you finish blogging:


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Look at ha….

You will never be this glamour

Feeling kinda sick this morning 😔👎 doing mark downs and it’s not terrible but there’s so many things you have to check for first…glad I get to sleep in again tomorrow


it’s not you’re* or your*. it’s all Mine. everything is Mine

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